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Get a visually stunning & functionally effective mobile app for Android, iOS or Windows.

Mobile Application Development Services

Custom Mobile App Development Services

We help you create a customized mobile app experience that fuels your ideas. Trust our experts with an out-of-the-box approach to complete your requests

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Trust us to build customized hybrid apps that work perfectly on Android and iOS platforms. Speed up the process, save time and costs.

Native Mobile App Development

Design and implement the most stellar native apps that are built to match your custom needs. Play with advanced features and scale as per requirements

Business Apps

Our experts can create business apps to increase your productivity. You create software for time tracking, project management, team communications or anything else.

Social Media Apps

We develop social platforms that help to connect you with your customers. Your social media app casted for social networking, sharing photos, videos and crowdsourcing.

Maps & Navigation Apps

We empower your business with precise maps and navigation apps. At any time you can request an assortment of map app with offline and GPS capabilities

App Planning & Strategy

We create mobile blueprints for designing, building and launching successful iOS and Android apps. Collectively, we’ve worked on a lot of apps—hundreds, in fact, covering just about every industry. If you want a team that will help plan or build an app that aligns with business goals, is built for a target audience and comes with a product roadmap, we’re the team for you. We’re committed to creating a mobile experience that is supported by insight. If that sounds like the kind of partner you’re looking for, let’s talk.

Design & User Experience

Design is about so much more than looks. It’s the way something feels and the subtle interactions a user has with your app without even noticing. One of the primary reasons we’ve had more than 20 apps featured in the App Store is our focus on a quality user experience and the little details that make an app great. The EnigmaTech’s team of talented iOS designers  understands the importance of first impressions and creating an experience that will entice people to keep coming back.

Native App Development for iOS

We’ve been building apps for the App Store for more than 5 years. We recognize that developing an app for iOS isn’t as simple as adding code to designs; instead, our iOS developers work side by side with our designers to solve problems and find innovative solutions. We build for scalability and success by laying the foundation with the right technology stack. From there, we use an agile development process to turn your ideas into a mobile app that the App Store will be excited to approve.

Native App Development For Android

Android is the No. 1 smartphone operating system in the world, yet it’s overlooked by many app agencies. Our team understands the ins and outs of designing, developing and launching Android apps in the cluttered Android market. We specialize in both iOS and Android development and recognize the key differences that shape the app development process.


We, at The EnigmaTech, are flexible towards your business processes and requirements. If the 
contract options below don’t fit what you’re looking for, you can suggest your own.

Fixed Price Contract

Fits well with customers requiring standard architecture with detailed software specifications. The contract saves your money by specifying optimal requirements from the start.

Time & Material Contract

Provides flexibility for clients with dynamic tasks and ongoing projects requiring experienced developers for as long as needed.

Dedicated Developer Contract

Allows clients to secure selected professionals to join their busy team for an extended period of time while saving time and resources.

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